Data management and AI solutions

These solutions are revolutionizing the way clinical trials are conducted, enabling faster and more accurate data processing, while also improving patient safety and research outcomes.

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Data management and AI solutions

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Why is it so important?
PVR-Clinical research
Learning and working the old way might be beneficial when making great wine, though it's hardly applicable when it comes to developing a new drug.
Classical approaches require loads of manual work, which keeps your R&D professionals from bringing value to your company. It might even take months before a valid hypothesis is generated for clinical trials.
It might even take months before a valid hypothesis generated for clinical trials.
What we offer
PVR-Clinical trials
PVR turns hypothesis formulation into a seamless process by leveraging in-house and state-of-the-art AI solutions to bring the best to your clinical trials.
Our solutions help omit unnecessary manual work, thus reducing both the costs of clinical trials and the risk of regulatory incompatibility, therefore minimizing chances of failing altogether.
We help companies identify the novelty of their solutions, so they can stay ahead of their competitors.

Trial launch

Clinical research, Clinical trial, PVR
Like every human being, all clinical trials are unique. At the same time, they share many things in common: end-points, statistical methods, study designs, and much more.
While determining all the parameters, one might spend hundreds of hours making sure every piece of the puzzle fits the other. As interesting as this exercise might be, it is without a doubt a waste of both your company's time and resources.

That’s why PVR develops custom solutions for your company to speed up and optimize the process of clinical trial design.
PVR-Clinical trials, PVR-Clinical research
What we offer
Our algorithms are trained by a curated database containing tens of millions of data points, allowing us to provide you with the best solutions out there.
Our solutions allow you to automate clinical trial designs to help your company meet its goals on time.


Natural history study

Nothing says more about the impact of your drug than information on how people feel after taking the medication.
That’s why natural history studies are so important.
clinical research PVR
A natural history study not only involves patients' medical information but also insurance claims, bills, and much more.
Clinical research, Clinical trials, PVR-Clinical trials, PVR-Clinical research
The more versatile the aggregate data is for such studies, the more robust and insightful the results will be.
Conversely, versatile data is complex and requires specific data-storing and analysis solutions. Moreover, said studies can go on for many years, which makes them hard to maintain while relying solely on in-house human resources.
PVR aims to help your company throughout the entire cycle of the natural history study, from problem definition and data aggregation to final data analysis.

Drug repurposing

Medication development requires time and resources comparable to founding several new companies all at once. It's no wonder, then, that the lucky survivor of such circumstances - the drug itself - can be used to assist with other conditions, either as a standalone drug or combined with other medications.
While the repurposing of the drug is less of a time- and money-consuming project when compared to developing a new drug, it’s still quite the journey for any company to make it happen.
Clinical research, Clinical trials
Having the right data delivered on time is one of the key aspects that will allow drug repurposing projects to avoid vicious circles.
PVR helps companies with data aggregation and analysis of scientific literature to boost the speed and efficacy of their projects.
Drug repurposing requires hundreds of thousands of lab tests and endless hours spent reviewing literature to ensure the right tests are performed. In time, the amount of data aggregated for the repurposing gets bigger, whereas the integral vision can fade.
When combined with existing test results from the lab, this approach can significantly reduce time and, therefore, costs spent on valid hypothesis generation and examination of previous results. This provides companies with the appropriate means to meet their goals while keeping their spending under control, allowing R&D specialists to work on things that really matter.

Data management

PVR-Clinical trials, PVR-Clinical research
PVR provides a full cycle of classical data services for any type of clinical trials. We work with both paper and eCRF and use a variety of EDC systems.
In addition, we are happy to build a custom database tailored to your needs using manifestly secure cloud solutions.
PVR-Clinical trials, clinical research
Our data offering includes:
○ Project data management and planning;
○ Data validation plan (‘DVP’) development;
○ Database auditing;
○ Data cleaning and validation;
○ Trend analysis, time series analysis, and outlier detection;
○ SAE tracking and reconciliation;
○ Database setup, maintenance, and archival;
○ Database security assessment;
○ Biostatistics.
PVR-Clinical trials,  Clinical research
PVR aims to alleviate data scarcity and complexity issues by providing custom data services capable of taking your study to the next level.
We offer
○ Graph databases and data analysis;
○ Multimodal databases;
○ Knowledge databases;
○ Natural language query systems;
○ Question-Answer systems;
○ Alternative data aggregation;
○ Synthetic data generation.
PVR-Clinical research, PVR-Clinical trials
Sometimes, clinical data might be tricky to handle with classical methods like relational databases and analysis using well-known techniques. This is especially  common for clinical trials using Real- World Data.
PVR-Clinical trials, PVR-Clinical research, Clinical trials, Clinical research
Clinical trials comprise decision making under uncertainty. While there are many techniques allowing the improvement of one's position in such cases, the best scenario is to simply retrieve more data.

Though this may sound easy, everyone involved in modern clinical research is well aware that this is not the case at all and that every bit of data comes at great cost.
Clinical trial, clinical trials
Time is of the essence! Get from project design to your first results in just 2 weeks!
Data Management
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