Case Study

Resilience and innovation: the unstoppable rise renaissance

Ukraine's clinical trials landscape has shown resilience and adaptability, even amidst challengingcircumstances. The country has managed to maintain its position as a destination for clinical research, offering a unique blend of patient diversity, experienced medical professionals, and supportive regulatory policies.

Clinical Trials Environment

The clinical trials environment in Ukraine has been shaped by the country's ability to adapt to various challenges, including the ongoing conflict. Organizers of clinical trials have managed to continue operations, with some companies focusing on oncology patient trials. Despite the disruptions, the clinical trials sector remains active, with a strong focus on cancer research and other therapeutic areas.

Beginning in 2023, 14 new clinical trials have been approved and initiated, marking a true resurgence of the market. Since the beginning of the conflict, some studies have been relocated to Poland. Ukraine, with its own clinical trials landscape, shares similarities with Poland's market in terms of potential for growth and development.

Despite the challenges faced by the clinical trials sector in Ukraine, there are opportunities for growth and collaboration. Additionally, the rapid enrollment of patients in Ukraine can be leveraged to accelerate the clinical trial process.

Opportunities Await

Ukraine's clinical trials market demonstrates resilience and adaptability, offering a unique environment for clinical research. Despite the challenges, the country's potential for growth and collaboration in the global clinical trials market remains significant and this is well demonstrated by the local authorities, who have
reduced the timeline for reviewing research applications to 30 days.

Clinical trial approval milestones in Ukraine

Large patient pool
High quality medical infrastructure
Direct access to the EU and CIS markets
Fast patient recruitment
Lower cost
High quality data