Case Study

Exploring Türkiye's Untapped Potential

Türkiye presents a compelling and underappreciated landscape for conducting clinical trials, driven by a multitude of strategic advantages. With a population of 85.377 million as of December 2023, showcasing a modest growth rate of 0.6% per year, Türkiye offers a large and diverse demographic pool ideal for clinical research. This diversity is further enriched by its geographical position, bridging the Middle East, Europe, and Asia, and underscored by significant urban migration.

Clinical Trials Environment

The nation boasts a robust universal healthcare system, with most part of its population covered by public health insurance, providing comprehensive access to a range of medical services. Despite this, Türkiye has a relatively low ratio of clinical trials per capita, suggesting untapped potential. The healthcare infrastructure
includes more than 1,500 public, private, and university-affiliated hospitals and about 175,000 healthcare physicians as of 2022.

Türkiye's reputation for high-quality healthcare is also recognized in its status as a top destination for clinical trials, where participants fully understand trial procedures.

Türkiye's pharmaceutical sector is vibrant, with over 100 production plants and 33 R&D facilities, reflecting a commitment to maintaining high-quality standards in clinical research.

Financially, Türkiye is attractive for clinical trials due to its relatively medium cost of living and average clinical research costs, making it a cost-effective alternative to more expensive regions like the US and Western Europe. The number of clinical trials has been steadily increasing over las years, with WHO reporting 1685 trials in 2022.

The regulatory landscape in Türkiye is notably complex, featuring streamlined processes that facilitate approvals within 28 to 32 weeks. Therefore, collaborating with an experienced Contract Research Organization is extremely important. Türkiye's dedication to Good Clinical Practice and the high quality of its clinical trials are reflected in the favorable outcomes of FDA inspections.

Opportunities Await

In summary, Türkiye's combination of a large, diverse population, a well-developed healthcare system, a rich history of clinical research, and a supportive regulatory environment positions it as an attractive location for clinical trials. Its advantages include access to a vast number of treatment-naive patients, high compliance with GCP and quality standards, and cost-efficiency. These factors collectively make Türkiye a strategic choice for sponsors looking to conduct clinical trials with high efficacy and lower costs.

Clinical trial approval milestones in Turkiye

Many enthusiactic physiscians and dedicated research staff
Moderate clinical research cost and investigator fees
Full compliance with GCP and quality standards and no EU QP Statement required for submission
Well-reputed and well-equiped
Large population